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Geschrieben von Xiphogonium am 01.02.2009 um 18:28:

Achtung BackToThePast Online Museum & Store

Hallo zusammen,

ich wurde von Enrico Bonino (Yahoo! Forum-Mitglieder kennen ihn als Verfasser des gigantischen Trilo-Posters) gebeten auf eine neue Webseite hinzuweisen, dort gibt es auch den einen oder anderen Trilobiten zu erwerben.

Dieser Bitte komme ich hiermit gerne nach:


Good morning Michael

this email to inform you that the BackToThePast trilobite museum web site is at least finalized.

In the Gallery section you have access to some of the trilobites (or relatives) exposed in the museum; this gallery will grow weekly or monthly by new arrivals or particular and interesting new specimens.

We have activated also the online store where you can find all the thematic posters and dioramas created at today also thank to your kindly collaboration.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information about this project, or if (we hope...) you are interested to acquire some of the exposed material.
It will be great if you have the possibility to share this message also with other collectors that can be interested to acquire some material, or to simply take a look at the website, for example in your German Forum. This will help us to improve the didactic section of the museum and the finalization of the Museum catalogue.

Thank you again.

Enrico & the BackToThePast museum curators

Enrico Bonino Dr.
GIS Specialist - Geologist
4, rue des Chasseurs Ardennais
4031 Angleur - LIEGE (Belgium)
tel. +32 04 3846315
fax +32 04 3846215
skype: enrico_bonino
...and some of my dioramas at FossiliVeraci and Paleonet

Geschrieben von juniper am 01.02.2009 um 23:10:


There are some absolutely fabulous trilobites on the gallery page 8)
Thanks for the link.

Auf der Galerieseite sind ein paar einzigartige Trilos zu bewundern! Danke für den Link.


Geschrieben von ebonino am 01.02.2009 um 23:21:


Good evening at all German trilo-lovers.

This is my first post in this forum.

I've decided to take the courage to follow this active and very interesting forum also if there are sometimes difficulties from my side due to the language barrier (but "Saint Google" can help in translating text in French, English or at least in Italian).

I hope that you'll love the site and don't hesitate to send me critics and suggestions to improve the site.


Geschrieben von Michael am 02.02.2009 um 10:29:


Good morning, Enrico !
Welcome to the forum. I´ve visited your gallery page, there are some really beautiful trilobites, great ! The animation video is brilliant, I like it very much. The Anamalocaris and the trilobites look like the would be real, a great work ! :]
Have a nice day, and much fun here in the forum !
Many greetings,
Micha Winke!

Geschrieben von ebonino am 02.02.2009 um 11:12:


Hi Micha
the gallery will be populated weekly with other trilobites exposed in the museum and with new arrivals. Many trilobites in the gallery are included also in the thematic posters visible in the online store (but at lower resolution).

Soon (when I'll come back from Tucson at mid february) I'll ask at this forum if it will be possible to participate for the creation of a poster concerning Eifel trilobites (or other German sites), sharing the best species collected at today.

my best at all the people


> Dies ist eine wirklich schlechte litteral Übersetzung mit Google, meine Entschuldigung ...

Hi Micha
die Galerie wird besiedelten Woche mit anderen Trilobiten, die in das Museum und mit Neuankömmlinge. Viele Trilobiten in der Galerie sind auch in der thematischen Plakate in der Online-Shop (aber bei geringerer Auflösung).

Bald (wenn ich wieder aus Tucson in der Mitte Februar) werde ich fragen, an diesem Forum, wenn es möglich sein wird, die Teilnahme für die Schaffung eines Posters über die Eifel-Trilobiten (oder einer anderen deutschen Standorten), die gemeinsame Nutzung der besten Arten, die in heute.

meine besten bei allen Menschen


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