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Samstag, 2. August 2014, 17:51

The collection DELIL from Nautilus Gent - Content, list of species

In representing here this exhaustif collection there may not rise any misunderstandings.
Allthough every specimen is labeled the goal is to show the items to the fellows of "Trilobita. De", because there may occur missing links.
I excuse me if not all photographs are quite very sharp or good for determinating purposes because there are many of the trilobites which were not well handled while preparing out of the matrix.
After all all trilobites are not so well conserved.

I should be very pleased with all reactions and suggestions, even if there are questions about I will answer as best as possible.
We have to keep in mind that this presentation was not done with the aim to photograph museum- pieces, but are strictly for the identification of the collection pieces.
I will give the names as it. I know some mistakes can occur, I should be very pleased with Your suggestions.
If possible I'll give all random information but can no re- photograph the specimens for this moment.

Last but not least: There are still a great lot of trilobites to photograph, so please be patient, from every specimen the photgraphs are token in "stacking"- mode. So it takes some time.
Every trilobite out of the collection gets the name FAT (in real the name is F.AT, but it is easier to memorise them also, so sorry...)

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Montag, 4. August 2014, 11:47

Hi Johanvan,

many thanks for introducing the trilobites of the Gent-collection to us.

Because its a bulk of material we have to try to hold all somewhat together and this could be done with this thread here as the content directory where all the specimens you present here can be found and will be sorted after regions together with a link to the thread of the specimen.

I will prepare that, so please do not add 20 new topics per day;-)

all the best,
Was wäre die Welt ohne Trilobiten.
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